Sunday, October 5, 2008

i love movies.

these are a few things i've made in the past few days. both are inspired by two of my favorite movies.

i really like how they turned out. i thought about adding them to my etsy, but i don't think i'll be adding any new stuff to it for a while. i haven't sold anything on there yet. and it's kinda discouraging, cause i've seen other people add stuff and have it sell so quickly. but i've only had it up for a few weeks. maybe i'm just being impatient.

i have been working on a lot of stuff though. im trying to make a lot for this craft fair im going to in a few weeks. a church here is having a fall festival/craft fair, and it's only $25 to rent a table. well see how it goes i guess.

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Katie Kutthroat said...

2 of my favs that you have done! :)