Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i found these really cute baby frames the other day. and i've been wanting to stitch something to go in them. and i finally got around to doing it yesterday.

just some more stuff for the craft fair saturday. im excited. i just wish i wasn't gonna be by myself for 6 hours. a friend of mine was supposed to come with me, but she had to go out of town, and wont be back till like, monday i think. oh well. at least casey and i are going to sevendust after that. :) we've seen them the past two times they've been here. casey has been on vacation since yesterday. he gets 9 days off. and he needs it. he wasnts to go out of town for a few days next week. to orlando or atlanta. atlanta has the georgia aquarium. i've been wanting to go there . cause i heard its pretty awesome. im not sure if mika is too little for disney right now, i mean if we go now, i don't think she'll be old enough to remember it. i don't know. we'll figure it out i guess.

i made some more scarfs in the past few days. i've just been in a knitting mood. and thats all i know how to knit so far. lol.
the blue and white one i made using the wavy gravy pattern from the stitch and bitch book i have. my first time following a pattern. i think it turned out ok.

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Allie said...

Love the cute baby frames!! Awww :) Oh, and I have to agree on the aquarium in Atlanta... my husband and I loved it! Pretty cool for kids and for adults too.