Sunday, October 26, 2008

alice in wonderland

i was looking around on imdb last night. i was bored, just looking up movies, and i decided to do a search for alice in wonderland, to see if there were any versions i hadn't seen yet. and on the page of title that came up, it said that there was going to be a new alice in wonderland movie coming out in 2010! and the director is tim burton! how pimptastic is that! if you wanna read about it, look here. im excited! and danny elfman is composing the soundtrack for it too! :) i know he works with tim burton a lot. he did the music for the nightmare before christmas, and he was jacks singing voice. imdb said that the movis is going to take place when alice is 19 years old, and not interested in marrying a rich boor. instead she falls back down the rabbit hole. she intervenes on behalf of the White Queen to regain the crown, falls in love with the Mad Hatter...and decides to return home with her newfound courage. i can't wait for it to come out. :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

my first etsy sale

yay!i finally made my first sale in my etsy shop! i was gonna delete it earlier, but i guess its good that i didn't! :) i was just getting impatient . maybe i'll add a few more things to it later. just cause im in a good mood now. just to get it updated.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

so we ended up not going anywhere. casey was gonna use one of his dads time shares to go to atlanta, or orlando. but they said you had to be at least 28. and casey's only 23. so. maybe in 5 but we just hung out here.had the craft fair and sevendust saturday. i onlt sold three things at the fair, which is better than nothing i guess. but i was hoping to do more. im thinking of trying to go to another one, but i don't know yet.

we took mika to the jr museum yesterday. well, it used to be called that then i was in elementary school. but now its the tallahassee museum of history and natural science. its pretty much the closet thing to a zoo we have here. it has monkeys (sometimes),wolfs, otters, bobcats, and bears, a few farm animals, some historic buildings and some other stuff.
florida panther.
they are always sleeping when i go up there.
my picture looks better than the one on their post cards in the gift shop. haha.
old train caboose from the 1940s
the inside
i think mika liked the train the best. she didn't wanna get off of it.

i love the old pinup girls :)
you know you like those creepy old mannequins. haha. they are in the old plantation house that catherine murat owned. mika was scared of them. she wouldn't even go in the room with them. haha.

ok im done for now. today is caseys last day off. not sure what we're doing today, but we are going to visit my dad later. because of caseys work schedule and me not driving we dont get to go over there much. but it'll be good cause mika can play with my little brother joey. he is six months younger than her. its kinda weird for me to have a little brother younger than my daughter. but at least they are close in age, and tehy can grow up

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i found these really cute baby frames the other day. and i've been wanting to stitch something to go in them. and i finally got around to doing it yesterday.

just some more stuff for the craft fair saturday. im excited. i just wish i wasn't gonna be by myself for 6 hours. a friend of mine was supposed to come with me, but she had to go out of town, and wont be back till like, monday i think. oh well. at least casey and i are going to sevendust after that. :) we've seen them the past two times they've been here. casey has been on vacation since yesterday. he gets 9 days off. and he needs it. he wasnts to go out of town for a few days next week. to orlando or atlanta. atlanta has the georgia aquarium. i've been wanting to go there . cause i heard its pretty awesome. im not sure if mika is too little for disney right now, i mean if we go now, i don't think she'll be old enough to remember it. i don't know. we'll figure it out i guess.

i made some more scarfs in the past few days. i've just been in a knitting mood. and thats all i know how to knit so far. lol.
the blue and white one i made using the wavy gravy pattern from the stitch and bitch book i have. my first time following a pattern. i think it turned out ok.

Friday, October 10, 2008

i hate cleaning.. fo sho

which is what partially inspired this.

a few days ago while thrifting i came across this piece of cross stitching, and i bought it.

who gave that away, right? i'd so rather be crafting than be cleaning. my house isn't that bad, but it has been a while since i dusted. so i guess there probably are a few dust bunnies out there lurking around. i borrowed the bunnies from some of the subversive cross stitching by julie jackson. but i made them gray so they would look dusty. :)

after i made that i decided to take a little break from stitching. i learned how to knit about a year ago. and i made one scarf, but not anything since then. so i wanted to try it again. they arent anything fancy, but i made a few in the past couple of days.

i think i might make a few more. wal-mart has their bernat chunky yarn on sale ofr $1.50 a skein. :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

i love movies.

these are a few things i've made in the past few days. both are inspired by two of my favorite movies.

i really like how they turned out. i thought about adding them to my etsy, but i don't think i'll be adding any new stuff to it for a while. i haven't sold anything on there yet. and it's kinda discouraging, cause i've seen other people add stuff and have it sell so quickly. but i've only had it up for a few weeks. maybe i'm just being impatient.

i have been working on a lot of stuff though. im trying to make a lot for this craft fair im going to in a few weeks. a church here is having a fall festival/craft fair, and it's only $25 to rent a table. well see how it goes i guess.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

im feeling good today. i woke up a few days ago with little cold. i think it was because of the weather change. it's finally starting to cool off down here. it's mostly in the low 80s high 70s. and its nice. but im feeling better. i hope it goes away all together before tuesday. cause i don't wanna be sick on my birthday. im gonna be 21. i don't really feel like it. like im getting older. being a mom has made me have to grow up. but sometimes i still feel like that 17 year old girl that got pregnant in high school. these past 3 years have gone by so fast. i can't believe mika is gonna be 3 years old in april already. it's crazy. anyway, these are some things i've been working on the past few days.

rainbow brite. cause she so cute. im kinda iffy on the face though.

this is a pattern i got from sprite stitch.