Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year!

i know it's an hour away, but im sure its already new years somewhere, right? im so ready for bed though. i actually fell asleep on the couch trying to wait up till midnight. but i got woke up my mika, who wanted some water. i guess i just had a long day. i got up a lot earlier than i usually do, and mika had me reading the same three books to her all day, and cooking in her little princess kitchen. haha.

i finished the cross stitch that i started yesterday. i haven't really had too much crafting time lately, so i was happy to work on this.

I added it to my etsy shop. :) i really liked the way it turned out.

well, im gonna go to bed now. i hope everyone is having a great new years eve and has an awesome new year!

Friday, December 19, 2008

where the wild things are is gonna be a movie!

i was reading a magazine, parents i think , and they had an article about popular children's books that are being made into movies. and where the wild things are was one of them. i used to love that book. i remember in music class, in elementary school, we got to play the music from the movie. haha. imdb says it is supposed to come out in october next year. and i've heard that the author is working with the film makers, so maybe the movie wont be too much different from the book. they had a few stills up from the movie, but it wouldn't let my copy the pictures. there was another link that had an article about it, and i got these pictures from it.

6 days till x-mas!

mika and i went to the elf night at one of the parks here last night. they have chirstmas lights up everywhere, in all the trees. its so pretty. and they have people dressed as elves(of course) and santa, and snowmen and stuff. mika really liked it. it was my first time going too. it was sooo crowed tho, but i expected that.
i like how this one turned out.

i couldn't get my flash to turn off. the only setting is has are flash, slow, and slow two. what ever that means.

and i finished the scarf i was working on. my first time knitting with two different yarns together.

its so soft. i wanna keep it. but im giving it as a gift. i wanna make another one, but i ran out of yarn. i hope i get a michaels or joann's gift card for christmas.haha.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

i can't believe christmas is in less than two weeks. december has gone be fast. i've been finished with making everyone's gifts since like, july, so i've had some free time to do some chritsmas-y stuff with mika. i helped her make some ornaments for the tree. she loved it.
i had to help her with the glitter glue a little, but she decorated them all, and i just sewed them together.
princesses of course.

and we made a cake yesterday. mika loves cake, and she thought since we were making one, that it was a birthday cake. haha. i had to tell her that her birthday isn't for a few more months.haha.
i know its crooked on the plate, but it's really yummy! :)

i totally sold two thing in my etsy shop in the past few days. im excited. maybe i'll sell some more things soon.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

just some ornaments

i made these a while ago, but i hadn't gotten around to posting them until now. i just used some scraps of felt that i had left over from another project. i really like the way they turned out.

i made this one using one of andrea zuill's free patterns from her blog. this one is mika's favorite.

i really like the way my satin stitch turned out on these.i have a new love for hello kitty! shes so cute! mika has started to like her too. i guess i need to go get her some dvds or something. we are kinda limited on our cable channels, and im pretty sure the show doesn't come on anymore anyway.

this one is my favorite. i found an outline for the doll on google, anf made my own design up. i like the split stitch around her hair, it makes it look braided. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

just added to my etsy. i got the little frames in a kit. it came with a kinda lame pattern, so i made these up for it instead.
i finished the hello kitty apron i was working on. its super cute. :)
i added it to my etsy too. :)

and i finished mika's doll too!
she loves it. :) i know its nothing fancy, but im proud of this one.