Tuesday, January 27, 2009

finally finished!

i've been working on this tote for a few weeks. i think i put the design on the bag maybe 3 weeks ago, and i did the stitching just in the past few days. i'm such a procrastinator sometimes. i was gonna add it to my etsy, but mika saw me making it and she was like "that's mine" and "for mika?". how could i tell her no? haha.

so that's why her hat and dress are yellow with yellow polka dots, because that's mika's favorite color. i just used back stitch and satin stitch for this bag. im really happy with how my satin stitch came out. cause those polka dots took forever to do. mika loves it. as soon as i was done, she took it around the house and put her favorite toys in it. :) i need to make her some more stuff. i haven't really lately. since she loves yellow so much, and all she wants to wear are yellow dresses, im thinking of getting some plain ones and stitchng some stuff on them for her. like alice or wall-e or eva.

it isn't much, but this was my entry for sublime stitching's tiny monogram pillow contest.
i'm sure i wasn't even close to winning, cause there were some really awesome entries. but it was a quick project and it was fun to make.

Friday, January 16, 2009

what i've been working on lately

i know i haven't posted in a while. i've just been busy with mika trying to get her potty trained. i can't wait till its over.lol.

i've also been working on this apron for a week off and on. finally finished it a few days ago.
it's kinda like the other hello kitty one i made, but her clothes are different and in the other one i think she was holding just a spoon. i just added it to my etsy.

and i made these too.

i really like these sparkly ones.
i don't know why, but this picture wont upload the right way.haha.
these corn bobby pins are so cute! corn is my favorite veggie. :) i think i might add some of these to my etsy shop too.