Sunday, October 26, 2008

alice in wonderland

i was looking around on imdb last night. i was bored, just looking up movies, and i decided to do a search for alice in wonderland, to see if there were any versions i hadn't seen yet. and on the page of title that came up, it said that there was going to be a new alice in wonderland movie coming out in 2010! and the director is tim burton! how pimptastic is that! if you wanna read about it, look here. im excited! and danny elfman is composing the soundtrack for it too! :) i know he works with tim burton a lot. he did the music for the nightmare before christmas, and he was jacks singing voice. imdb said that the movis is going to take place when alice is 19 years old, and not interested in marrying a rich boor. instead she falls back down the rabbit hole. she intervenes on behalf of the White Queen to regain the crown, falls in love with the Mad Hatter...and decides to return home with her newfound courage. i can't wait for it to come out. :)


Katie Kutthroat said...

that will be amazing. thanks for the heads up, i will definitely be ready for it!

beefranck said...

I am giddy about this. :)

craft pig said...

This movie is possibly my dream come true...seriously.