Friday, October 10, 2008

i hate cleaning.. fo sho

which is what partially inspired this.

a few days ago while thrifting i came across this piece of cross stitching, and i bought it.

who gave that away, right? i'd so rather be crafting than be cleaning. my house isn't that bad, but it has been a while since i dusted. so i guess there probably are a few dust bunnies out there lurking around. i borrowed the bunnies from some of the subversive cross stitching by julie jackson. but i made them gray so they would look dusty. :)

after i made that i decided to take a little break from stitching. i learned how to knit about a year ago. and i made one scarf, but not anything since then. so i wanted to try it again. they arent anything fancy, but i made a few in the past couple of days.

i think i might make a few more. wal-mart has their bernat chunky yarn on sale ofr $1.50 a skein. :)


Jigsaw Youth said...

haha, see i'm a freak about cleaning...if you were to come to our apartment right now, it would be damn near spotless. it's a problem :D
and i dig your scarves! i've been in the knitting mood myself!

micheleleigh said...

my house isn't that messy, only the parts the need dusting.:) im constantly cleaning up after mika. and vacuuming every other messy mika gets granola all over the floor. haha. but shes only 2 so i guess its ok.

Katie Kutthroat said...

me and my boy both are cleaners.. it isn't spotless but it is clean.. except my craft stuff.. hehe.. your scarves look awesome! i like the whiteish one.. great cross stitchings lady!