Thursday, December 11, 2008

just some ornaments

i made these a while ago, but i hadn't gotten around to posting them until now. i just used some scraps of felt that i had left over from another project. i really like the way they turned out.

i made this one using one of andrea zuill's free patterns from her blog. this one is mika's favorite.

i really like the way my satin stitch turned out on these.i have a new love for hello kitty! shes so cute! mika has started to like her too. i guess i need to go get her some dvds or something. we are kinda limited on our cable channels, and im pretty sure the show doesn't come on anymore anyway.

this one is my favorite. i found an outline for the doll on google, anf made my own design up. i like the split stitch around her hair, it makes it look braided. :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely ornaments! I must be completely out of it because I didn't even know hello kitty had a show! Is it because I'm 31?! Am I completely out of the loop now!?

Has Mica made any ornaments for the tree?

micheleleigh said...

i didn't know hello kitty had a show till recently. i think it came out in like, the 80s. mika hasn't made any ornaments yet, but im hoping to get some crafting supplies that she can use and not make too much of a mess with(shes only 2 1/2)