Sunday, December 14, 2008

i can't believe christmas is in less than two weeks. december has gone be fast. i've been finished with making everyone's gifts since like, july, so i've had some free time to do some chritsmas-y stuff with mika. i helped her make some ornaments for the tree. she loved it.
i had to help her with the glitter glue a little, but she decorated them all, and i just sewed them together.
princesses of course.

and we made a cake yesterday. mika loves cake, and she thought since we were making one, that it was a birthday cake. haha. i had to tell her that her birthday isn't for a few more months.haha.
i know its crooked on the plate, but it's really yummy! :)

i totally sold two thing in my etsy shop in the past few days. im excited. maybe i'll sell some more things soon.


Anonymous said...

oh yummy that cake looks delish, i wish we were in the 'jetson's' so i could push a button and get a slice!

beefranck said...

Mika is adorable. :) Really cute ornaments!

micheleleigh said...

thank you guys! :)

Rachel said...

yay for your sales! i think i will start promoting the hell outta myself once i get out of school (and have time for more crafting) so i can sell some more stuff. mika is super cute! and so are the ornaments! :)