Friday, December 19, 2008

6 days till x-mas!

mika and i went to the elf night at one of the parks here last night. they have chirstmas lights up everywhere, in all the trees. its so pretty. and they have people dressed as elves(of course) and santa, and snowmen and stuff. mika really liked it. it was my first time going too. it was sooo crowed tho, but i expected that.
i like how this one turned out.

i couldn't get my flash to turn off. the only setting is has are flash, slow, and slow two. what ever that means.

and i finished the scarf i was working on. my first time knitting with two different yarns together.

its so soft. i wanna keep it. but im giving it as a gift. i wanna make another one, but i ran out of yarn. i hope i get a michaels or joann's gift card for christmas.haha.

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Anonymous said...

the elf festivities sound fun. was there a parade?

also, the scarf is nice! i can see why you would want to keep it for yourself! crossing my fingers santa brings you crafty gift cards!