Wednesday, June 17, 2009

it's been a while

a long while since i've posted. i don't know why but i just haven't felt like doing much lately. i guess mika is wearing me out.

these are a few things i've been working on in the past few months.

a strawberry shortcake pillow for mika. i'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

and this was an attempt at crocheting a dress.
mika is happy with it, but i think i might unravel and start over on this one. the top black part looks fine, but i guess i decreased too much towards the middle of the skirt part cause it looks like a toddler maternity top. haha.

you can really tell in this picture.
oh well.

this i just finished yesterday.

a hello kitty pillow. i love hello kitty . i really do. i took mika to toys r' us the other day, and i wanted to buy everyhting in the hello kitty isle. for myself.

i'm really happy with how the bow came out. i didn't want to just outline it cause it's kinda big, but i wan't sure how satin stitch would look over such a big space. but it worked. :)


Anonymous said...

great projects and that crocheted top is awesome, reminds me a strawberry even though there is black in it ;)

i tried to knit once but it was so stressful for me cuz i didn't know how to fix my mistakes. is crochet any easier?

micheleleigh said...

to me crocheting is a little easier. the dress i made using a pattern i got on etsy, and it was supposed to have strawberries on it, i just hadn't got that far into making it yet.