Monday, April 6, 2009

what i've been working on

i know it's been forever since i've updated this. and i can't say i've been super busy doing anything other than potty but we are making good progress. :)

this i just finished last night, i'd been working on it for a day or two.

my husband and a friend of his recently, like a month or so ago opened a restaurant together. and their business had been going pretty good. :) the place wasn't decorated at all, so they gave it a new paint job, and got some stuff to hang on the walls cause it had some pretty crappy dollar store framed pictures on the wall. he said he liked the botton covered box i made and asked if i could make something like that to hang on the wall of the restaurant. i'm pretty happy with it. i used green buttons to spell out the name of the restaurant cause the big sign for it outside on the building is green with white letters. and it matches! i win. haha.

and this is just a shirt i made for mika about a weeks or so ago.

she totally loves it. :)


Anonymous said...

awesome button sign, best of luck on the restaurant, what kind of food do they serve?

micheleleigh said...

they have a hot bar where they serve mostly southern foods(their cornbread is awesome) and they have a menu with burgers sandwiches and wings and stuff.