Sunday, November 30, 2008

a few new things

i haven't really updated in a while, cause i'd been sick for the past few weeks. but im finally feeling better. stupid florida weather day its 80 degrees, the next its in the 40s. and its winter! i've been working on a few thigs, but most of them arent finished. i started on a crocheted doll for mika, cause she saw one that i made and said she wanted one with a yellow dress. this one is looking a lot better than the first one i made. i was very limited on the colors because i wanted tyo use up the yarn i had before i bought more. so thats why she turned out like this:
i mean , thats not why it looks crappy, but why she has green hair and
mika still likes it though.

but this one im trying to make look like belle, mikas favorite princess(cause she has a yellow dress) yellow is mika's favroite color. everything has to be yellow. and thats cool. cause im totally ok with her not being coverd in pink. here is my progress so far:

my first time using safety eyes. i think they look ok.
her hair took me like, 2 hours. and her face only looks flat because i forgot to get poly-fill. oops. im gonna get some tomorrow.
and her yellow dress. i mostly done with it. i didn't follow a patter for anything, im just kinda making it up as i go along, but its not too hard cause crocheting in the round is easy peasy. :)

ohh and i made a new banner for my etsy shop. im not the best at photoshoping stuff, and its not super fancy, but im happy with it. i aslo added a few new things to my etsy shop. well, not really new, i made them a while ago.

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