Monday, September 29, 2008

i just wanna sleep all day and not do anything, and let the phone ring...

i didn't wanna get up this morning. i mean, i don't usually, but this morning especially. i was sleeping really good. and all comfy with casey. but mika was ready. in her room, in bed, talking. lol. so i go and get her, to get her dressed. but shes so picky now, all she'll wear is yellow. and she only has three yellow pieces of clothing. and i tried to tell her to wear something different today. not a good idea. big drama queen 2 year old freak out. "no pink! i want yellow!" fine. i guess. i just wish i didn't have to do laundry every other day. i guess i need to get her some new yellow clothes. but i must admit, she is realy cute in her yellow dresses.

that's what she does now when i say smile. :) and this is her halloween costume. i wanted to get it early, to make sure we got what she wanted. and she loves it. she looks all proud. haha.

i just finished this last night. im really proud of it. cuae when i started makignthe pattern, it wasn' t turning out so well, but i fixed it up as i was going along. it's for sale at my etsy store.

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