Wednesday, May 21, 2008


i don't know what it is but my ears have been bothering me for the past few days. i really hope i don't have an ear infection or something. not that i know what it would feel like to have one. i haven't been to the doctor since i had my daughter, over 2 years ago. so i don't have a regular one that i go to. and i really don't want to have to go through the process of looking one up and finding one that takes our insurance. maybe it'll go away on its own. soon. i've felt like this before and it went away.

and my heads been bothering me lately too. im sure it would have went away by now, but i don't like to take medicine. it really bothers me. maybe im a little ocd, but im really paranoid about taking medicine and having all of the bad side effects/reactions or overdosing like heroin bob. maybe i'll feel better when casey gets home. he always has this way of making my head aches go away. cause hes super awesome like that. i miss his face. and the freckle on his ear. and his nose. he has the best nose. i know that sounds kinda weird, but i have a thing about noses. it's like the first thing i notice about some one. when i was pregnant and we'd look at the ultrasounds and i'd always say mika had his nose, and hes like, you cant tell from that. and im like yes you can! cause i said so! and when she was born the first thing i noticed was that she did have his nose. most definitely. even his family said she had the rauschenberg nose.

these are some pictures i took our christmas tree last year. i slowed the shutter speed down so the pictures would turn out blurry. most people i've showed them to said they are kinda weird, but i really like them. and the way the lights look so different in each shot.

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